Melman - FRC 2023

A cone-placing, cube-intaking robot designed, built, and programmed through thousands of combined hours. Competing in the 2023 FIRST Robotics Competition, this robot performed extremely well, ranking 3rd in Canada for Offensive Power Rating and winning eight awards. See the intricate work that went into each component in our engineering notebook, and our complex software work in our controls notebook, the latter of which I wrote.

melman picture

Melman competing at the 2023 world championships in Houston, Texas.


  • District Event Finalist
  • District Autonomous Award
  • 3x District Excellence in Engineering Award
  • 2x District Event Winner
  • District Championship/Provincials Finalist


To achieve the highest performance possible, our robot was made up of carefully thought-out subsystems and control theory. A few key areas include:

  • An omni-directional swerve drivebase capable of travelling at 18.2ft/s.
  • A triple-jointed arm, powered through custom path following to smoothly reach each point
  • A complex vision system powered by three Limelight cameras, allowing for automatic scoring routines


  • Engineering Notebook: an in-depth explaination of the design process and robot development
  • Controls Notebook: an extensive dive into the programming and control theory that power the complex software systems