Picture of me

👋 Hey, I'm Aritro.

I'm a high school student and a self-taught software developer in Toronto, Ontario.

I've been a passionate programmer for over 9 years and want to use technology to make daily life easier, whether that's by making intuitively designed websites or creating embedded smart devices that become a daily part of life.


Photography 📷

Over the pandemic, I've started to learn photography. I find it as a very interesting visual art and wish to continue it as time goes on.

Cycling 🚴

I've been an avid biker for a few years now, finding it as a nice break from sitting at a desk. While I'm definitely not good at it, I certainly find it fun!

Tennis 🎾

I've been playing tennis for about a year now, which serves as a nice break from sitting at a computer, similar to cycling.

Piano 🎹

I've been playing the piano for about 6 years now. It definitely serves as a way for me to relax.


Exceed the Limit

For every project that I start, I aim to exceed my limit and expectations. From using new technologies to taking on large projects, I always make sure that my new projects are better than my previous.

Open Mind

With the ever-changing state of the scene of programming, it's very important to have an open mind. From new JavaScript frameworks to new paradigms, nobody ever knows what's next. That's why I keep an open mind to everything, and only judge something once I've experienced it.